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Pet-Friendly Pest Control: The Johnny Bugs Promise

Look, we get it. You didn’t move to Manatee, Sarasota, and Charlotte Counties for the wildlife invasion in your living room. You came for the sunshine, the beaches, and maybe the golf. From Bradenton to Punta Gorda, we’re on a mission to keep your homes pest-free, so you can go back to worrying about more important things, like whether to barbecue or order in.

Give us a ring at (941) 405-3080 – let’s chat about what’s bugging you, literally.

We are Currently Serving:

Banish Bugs with a Call: Your Free Quote Awaits

Why live with uninvited guests when you can dial (941) 405-3080 and get a free pest control quote faster than you can say “Palmetto Cockroach”? That’s right, we’re talking quick, eco-friendly pest eviction notices, served up Johnny Bugs style.

Living the Dream, Pest-Free

Florida’s great, right? Sunshine year-round, which is fantastic until you realize it’s also a paradise for ants, roaches, and those infamous Fruit Rats. But fear not, because Johnny Bugs is here to ensure your indoor-outdoor lifestyle is blissfully bug-free. Open those lanai doors wide and breathe easy with our professional Sarasota Pest Control.

As Seen in the Big Leagues

That’s right, we’ve hit the big time, featured in National Online Magazines because when it comes to pest control, we’re kind of a big deal. Want to know more? Just ask.

The Johnny Bugs Difference: Professional, Friendly, and On Time

We’re your local pest exterminating heroes, using only the top-shelf, reduced-risk, and absolutely odorless pest control products. Free estimates over the phone or a quick text, and we’re on it faster than you can spell “exterminator.” We value your time – that’s why we’re all about that narrow arrival window and keeping our word.

Our Hit List of Pest Control Services

Rodent Rumbles

We're the night's watch, keeping those attic-dwelling party animals in check.

Flea & Tick Showdowns

Got a flea circus on your hands? We'll shut it down, quick style.

Ant Invasions

From the other side of your house to the heart of your kitchen, we're on it.

Roach Buffet Closures

We'll make sure roaches think twice before crashing your pet food party.

Spider Squabbles

Yes, we'll take on those eight-legged freeloaders too.

Unleash Pest-Free Living: Get Started with Johnny Bugs!

Ready, Set, Pest-Free!

We don’t just treat; we educate. Spotting potential pest parties before they start? That’s our jam. Our treatments are thorough, fast, and designed to tackle everything from ants to zebras (if zebras were a common household pest). Plus, we’re all over North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your home back.
Dial (941) 405-3080 for Freedom from Pests
Seriously, what’s bugging you? Let’s make it history. Give Johnny Bugs a call, and let’s turn your home into the pest-free paradise you deserve.

We are Currently Serving:

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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

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Alicia Carroll
We are VERY pleased with our service.
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We are VERY pleased with our service. Full pest and flea service. I don't even have ants in my yard! I will definitely keep them coming for all of our pest needs. Also, they were the BEST prices around town!
Patty Mihm
They are remarkable, I wouldn’t hire anyone else but Johnny Bugs.
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Johnny Bugs is a family owned business and right there tells it all. FAMILY! They are remarkable, I wouldn’t hire anyone else but Johnny Bugs. They are prompt, friendly, reliable, and out going. When I call them they are here, which is very rare. I highly recommend them. Thank you. Patty Mihm
Pavel Pleshkanov
I would gladly recommend Johnny Bugs to my friends and family.
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I’ve had experiences with several other pest control companies and Johnny Bugs is by far the best. Fred has been top notch; he is all around professional, polite, courteous, punctual, takes care to explain things, answers any of my questions, and clearly has many years of experience. I would gladly recommend Johnny Bugs to my friends and family.
Pam V
I would absolutely endorse and recommend this company.
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We have used Johnny Bugs for pest control for many years. Wonderful company that gives great customer service and is honest. Fred and Sean were the two technicians that we had out to our home recently, they were both knowledgeable and straightforward regarding our issue. I would absolutely endorse and recommend this company.
Bradley Clark
Very happy with Sean our tech.
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Very happy with Sean our tech. He took time to tell me what was going on and understood how important it was to us to solve the fire ant issues we had. Thanks to Sean and Johnny Bugs we were able to have our sons birthday on our lawn with out any kids getting bit.

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