13 Colonies of Sarasota Ants Fight for Independence

Freedom isn’t free for ants in Sarasota, Fl. They must endure long battles against the tyranny of homeowners looking to expatriate them with Sarasota Ant Control treatments. The king of the castle will not tolerate another uprising of peasants looking to sever ties with the monarchy. Betsy has sewn the flag and they are preparing to march against the king’s army. Scraping up rations and munitions wherever possible, the rag-tag bands of settlers just want to be able to practice their freedom of religion without persecution. Off to Philadelphia they shout, thinking of the cheese-steaks dripping with whiz they will encounter. “Boston Strong!” is the battle cry up and down the trenches along the sidewalks. “Virginia is for lovers”, well we won’t bother them while reproducing. The battle of Trenton, fought against those pesky Hessian Ants has just begun.

Sarasota pest ants are in revolt and dumping iced tea into the Sarasota Bay Harbor in protest. The revolution has just begun. The army is preparing for battle by enlisting all the locals to help. Fire Ants are in the wings loading the muskets full of venom and crazy ants are flanking the encampments causing confusion. Sugar Ants gather supplies for the long cold Sarasota winter. Time to dig in and weather the coming storms. Freedom for all is possible due to the sacrifices of those who came before them and paid with their lives so they could climb over treated areas and maintain the colony’s integrity. Pest Control in Sarasota can be a whimsical experience. You need not fear the bug man as he sows calamity to those pest ants and subdues the rebellion like Castro did to crush his own people and society.

As you celebrate your independence by going to watch fireworks and have a barbeque, don’t forget those who made your freedom possible. Remember that this country was founded by free men who would work together to make this country the most wonderful on earth. We came together in this great melting pot of religion and cultures, learned the native language of English so we can communicate effectively, and worked over the centuries to slowly improve the living standards of the world around us. It is our birthright to sew Freedom and be that shining beacon to the world. May God bless you and your family!

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