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5 Pests You Don’t Want in Your Home

5 Pests You Don’t Want in Your Home

No matter how clean you are, there is always a potential for pests to invade your home. These creepy and eerie creatures may very well leave you feeling uneasy. And when you see one crawling on your floors, walls, or on other household items, you may be ready to hit the door. In Sarasota County, we are no stranger to insects and bugs. In fact, here are four pests you may want to look out for and what you can do about it.

Ghost Ants

Ghosts ants are very small insects with a pale-ish color. They can be extremely hard to see. These ants survive mostly in tropical and warm habitats, which is why Florida is a perfect nesting ground for them. Ghost Ant colonies have several queens, and when disturbed, the ants will run about erratically. These insects can usually be found in the kitchen or bathroom and are often in search of food and areas with moisture. Ghost ants don’t sting but emit an odor when crushed. For exterminating ghost ants in Sarasota County, it is always best to reach out to a trusted exterminator such as Johnny Bugs, Inc.!

Brown and Black Widow Spiders

Don’t mistake the two, as one is more docile and the other is aggressive and more likely to bite you (the black widow). However, both are equally as venomous. The brown widow is tan with brown spots and can be found around doors and windows, while the black widow is recognized by its red hourglass marking and tends to hide in garages and tool sheds. Their egg sacks are easily identified because they are shaped in a ball with spikes, whereas the black widow’s egg sack is shaped like a ball but has no spikes. Look out for these spiders, but especially the females. They’re huge!

Palmetto Bug

The Palmetto Bug, otherwise known as American Cockroaches, are natives to Florida as they need lots of moisture to survive. They can be a nuisance because not only are they huge, growing up to 30mm, but when disturbed they emit a foul-smelling spray. You can find these guys throughout your home plumbing and piping systems as well as inside HVAC systems as they love a moist and dark place.


Most homeowners dread rodents and for a good reason. Rats and mice are filthy animals that carry diseases. It is easy to confuse house rats with house mice, but they can often be distinguished by their size, as mice tend to be smaller and rats usually have a longer body. In Florida, the most common rats that dwell in and around homes are the tree rats that lurk in attics, walls, and along air conditioning equipment.

For rodent, insect, bug and flea exterminators in Sarasota County and the surrounding areas, please be sure to reach out to Johnny Bugs, Inc. We have years of expertise eliminating pests in the home and will be sure to provide safe and efficient applications for pet-friendly and family-friendly environments!

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