Air Conditioner Drip Lines are an Oasis for Sarasota Bugs

Are your bugs sipping daiquiris on the deck by the Siesta Key pool? And by pool, I mean the puddle that is dripping back in under the slab on the side of your Sarasota home. People are always asking what they should do to take preventative pest control measures against crawling insect infestations. One of the most common and easily remedied problems can be solved with just a piece of extension hose. Extend the outlet your HVAC system uses to vent condensation and moisture it has removed from the air of your home. This constant drip creates the sweet sounds of Florida paradise for many pest species.

American Cockroaches need high levels of moisture to survive the hot Sarasota sun. Typically an outside pest labeled an occasional invader, the largest roach in our area loves the outside oasis your drip creates. They are able to reproduce in large numbers under the wet concrete slab and then find their way into you house by running along plumbing pipes and emerging in the kitchen and bathroom. Drying out the slab is an absolute necessity in most large cockroach infestations we find.

Carpenter Ants also love to mingle with the nearby robust bodied females. Also know as the bull ant to many locals, these big ol ants are found running up the side of the house or popping up from time to time in your bathrooms. Unlike their friends above, the Carpenter Ant will go high and move into your attic or live in the nearby trees. Using a little known law in Florida to take possession of an unoccupied place, they freeload, reproduce, and live off the welfare you provide.

Do you need to kill bugs? Do you want them really dead? So dead they flip over on their back and lay there praying for reprisal? You found the right Sarasota Exterminator. We can quickly solve those frisky little pest control issues. Don’t wait another day, call now!