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Animal Pest Attacks Seem to be on the Rise in Southern Florida says local Exterminator

Animal Pest Attacks Seem to be on the Rise in Southern Florida says local Exterminator

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Let’s face it, if you live in Southern Florida, then you already know you live in a swamp, but for those of you coming south to get some rays, you may be surprised to find that the locals are not the only animals to reckon with. Here in Southern Sarasota County known as North Port, in one of the largest suburban areas, you will find a variety of non-domestic animals roaming the neighborhoods and nearby woods.

The most common dangerous wild animal (aside of Alligators) you may come into near contact with will be the Florida Raccoon. This voracious eater will be found all hours of the day and night rummaging through your trash and crawling in and out of the bushes nearby. Raccoons have learned to live in very close proximity to humans here in Florida and they can get very aggressive when startled. Stay clear as you never know what a raccoon will do when protecting her meal or relatives.

Other local North Port area threats include large Bobcats, Panthers (rare), and loads of snakes. Although uncommon, Rattlesnakes can be found all throughout the area but seem to be more plentiful in Lakewood Ranch Sarasota and nearby Bradenton. Most often the snake calls I get are about large black snakes which are common Florida rat snakes. Leave them alone as they are keeping your home free of unwanted rodent pests. Pythons are being spotted just south of us now also. When confronted with a pest animal or insect problem, your best bet is to call a professional with experience.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. is a local North Port Charlotte Pest Extermination Company that specializes in all types of pest and animal control. Using humane trapping and relocating is one way Johnny Bugs protects the community and your home from unsanitary and sometimes vicious wild animals. Support local hunting efforts to keep populations minimal and remember that they were here first!

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