Ant Control in Sarasota and Bradenton

When it comes to successfully treating for ants in the local Sarasota and Bradenton Florida area you have to keep in mind that they are programmed to succeed and thus can be quite difficult to eliminate. First, you will need to find where the ants are coming from and what their food source is at the time. Many times simple sanitation can eliminate a beginning infestation, but once they are comfortably established, you will probably need professional help.

North Port Ants are social creatures. They feed, groom, and take care of their young. The colony is made up of mostly females with the males only working to produce offspring. Pest ants in the local Bradenton and Sarasota area can be a nuisance all year long. Ghost Ants, known for their super tiny size, can get into jars and closed boxes with ease. They can move in and nest right in the voids behind your kitchen cabinets or potted plants and are frequently seen trailing along the sinks in kitchens and bathrooms. Carpenter Ants are usually much larger and prefer to nest in seasoned wood and dark attics. While most busy at night, they are commonly seen on the ceiling of bathrooms after having come down from around the light fixtures. The newest species of ant we have been seeing a lot of lately is the Caribbean Crazy Ant, an imported nuisance that reproduces in huge quantities and can take over entire ecosystems. Treatments for these ants can be virtually ineffective and must be done more regularly.

John Passport Photo SmallJohnny Bugs, Inc. is the area’s leading expert at solving and preventing difficult ant problems. Our experience has taught us to quickly find the source and use specialized products that stop the infestation fast. Don’t waste your time using baits to lure in more ants and teach them it’s alright to be in your house! Call Johnny Bugs for a quick solution with no hassle…