Bed Bugs Causing Local Pest Control Companies Nightmares in Sarasota and Bradenton FL

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Local Exterminator, Johnny Bugs, Now Finds Bed Bugs Frequently

Those bad little bugs! You’ve probably seen them by now, small tick-like bugs that like to suck your blood like a horror movie suspense plot. Creeping from under the windows and from behind the curtains lurks the most frightening thing the pest control industry has ever faced. Blood sucking parasites are surrounding you while you’re counting sheep. You break into a cold sweat. You start quivering. Then it happens…

It’s a nightmare that’s coming true everyday

You wake up to find Bed Bugs crawling all over you in your Sarasota Bradenton SRQ hotel room. Oh no! You only wanted to go to the beach and have a couple rum runners, you say. You now begin to grasp just how serious this situation has become. You know you won’t be able to get rid of them on your own. Elusive and discerning, they are feasting on you one sip at a time, all the while planning to hitch a ride back home after spring break to be your personal scourge.

Pest Control Companies in Sarasota and Bradenton are Having a Hard Time Keeping Up

Yes they’re back. And it’s a real pain to get rid of them. JOHNNY BUGS, INC. has observed calls for bed bug elimination spreading like wild-fire through transient areas like seasonal resorts, urban housing, school dormitories, and short-term rental properties. They are being found regularly in store changing rooms, delivered by moving trucks, lurking in pool bath houses, co-piloting rental cars, delivered in care packages, and of course, hiding in your chaise lounge next to your Pina Colada. Bed Bugs can lay several eggs per day, thus growing your nightmare to epic proportions in just a short time.
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Send those Bed Bugs Packing!