Bug Treatment Advice for Homeowners in North Port Sarasota FL

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North Port FL Pest Control

If you have an infestation of bugs in Sarasota County, and you need pest control in North Port FL, you basically have two options; a trip to the home improvement store or a call to a local exterminator.

Bug Control for Do-It-Yourself North Port Sarasota Pest Control

For the do-it-yourselfers out there, make sure to find a product that is labeled for the pest insect you need to eliminate. There are many products available and numerous active ingredients so be very careful to pick the one for your specific issue. A common misconception with homeowners while treating is that “more is better”. This is a potentially dangerous mindset because over-the-counter products are mostly “old-school” technologies with high levels of pesticide active ingredients that can smell, damage or stain surfaces, and / or make an oily mess is used in the wrong places. A classic “bug bomb” is really never a good product to choose. In many cases the active ingredient never gets to the nesting sites and may drive those bugs nearby into other locations, or even split the colony all together, thus doubling your North Port pest control problem. A bug bomb is also going to spray pesticides all over everything in the room which may result in damage to electronics. Make sure to thoroughly clean all surfaces it contacts. With insects like Bed Bugs, which are super resistant to many products, bug bombs can drive them into neighboring areas previously not infested and provide little control. Always follow the label directions explicitly! Use the proper safety equipment including chemical resistant gloves and always wear long sleeves and pants during the application to avoid getting any overspray on you. If you understand the biology of the target insect, know their nesting and feeding preferences, have properly identified them, and apply the right product in the right place at the right time, you probably will be successful.

You Can Always Call North Port Pest Control Professional JOHNNY BUGS!

The other option is to call a pest control company to send a salesman who will push you into an annual contract which may not be needed. Of course I would recommend that all South Florida homes be treated on a regular basis to avoid future problems, but the treatment frequency really depends on numerous factors. For example, a home on a well-manicured golf course will probably not have the same North Port Pest Control treatment needs as a home in a remote area of the North Port wilderness.

(941) 405-3080Johnny Bugs, Inc. does things differently! We will provide you a reasonable price quote right over the phone, schedule a prompt service, and guarantee you quick results using no-odor and pet-friendly products. We specialize in one-time services and will honestly recommend how often your home should be treated in the future. We never just show-up unannounced like most of our competitors. You will give us permission to treat, or we will not come. Call us today to experience professional North Port Pest Control results: (941) 405-3080