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The Complete Guide to Home Flea Control

The Complete Guide to Home Flea Control

Getting rid of fleas can feel like a battle, but if you don’t handle the situation just right, it could really be more of an ongoing war. At Johnny Bugs, Inc., we see flea infestations on a regular basis in households with dogs and cats. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about your potential flea infestation, from identifying the pests to getting rid of them once and for all.

How to Identify a Flea

Fleas are small, flightless pests that often infest homes with furry pets like dogs and cats. They survive by consuming the blood of their hosts, living and breeding in the fur of the animal. Adult fleas grow to only 3mm long at most and are usually brown in color. While they do not fly, they can jump up to a foot or more in distance.

How They Invade the Home

Fleas can live outdoors until they locate a host, often times your cat or dog, at which point they leap into their fur and follow the pet indoors. Once safely situated on the host, the fleas lay eggs and multiply and within just days, what started as a single flea, can explode into an infestation.

How Serious the Problem Is

Fleas bite. They can cause irritating bumps on the skin of your animals and the people in your home. Some unsuspecting victims may think they have a rash or even bed bugs, while the true culprit is incredibly tiny fleas. These bites may annoy humans slightly, but for dogs and cats, they can be incredibly dangerous, potentially transmitting diseases and causing skin abrasions from constant scratching.

How to Get Rid of Fleas

If not completely eradicated, a flea population can reproduce and return in full force even after multiple eradication attempts. For permanent results, it is best to contact a trusted pest control company in Sarasota, FL, like Johnny Bugs, Inc.

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We can address the root of the issue and eliminate not only the fleas, but the eggs that would otherwise sustain the infestation.

Contact Sarasota County’s leading pest management company today if you have a flea problem. Your pets will thank you!

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