Earwigs also known as pincher bugs crawling into your home

Have you seen those nasty earwigs crawling around your house this year? Do you know why they are called earwigs? Commonly known as pincher bugs up north, these Sarasota pests are very common due to high moisture conditions. These small brown colored insects with long pincher-like appendages, are found in gardens and mulch beds with high moisture levels. These bugs look pre-historic and have changed very little for millions of years. Earwigs got their name because of rumors they like to crawl into people’s ears while sleeping. Although false, this has spurred fear in homeowners who frequently want an immediate remedy to an infestation. Although relatively harmless, these bugs are great hunters and generally prefer to live outside. Did you know that Earwigs are one of the few insects that tend to their young after birth? Kitchen and bathrooms are normally where earwigs prefer to live indoors because of the close proximity to a water source. Because they can be very difficult to control, many Sarasota and Bradenton pest control companies fail with initial attempts to rid homes of this pest. As a nocturnal pest, you will probably not see them during the day unless you uncover them while gardening or cleaning. Common control methods include baiting and treating cracks & crevices.

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