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Fall Mulch Applications Bring Ants and Cockroaches into Sarasota Bradenton Neighborhoods

Fall Mulch Applications Bring Ants and Cockroaches into Sarasota Bradenton Neighborhoods

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It’s that time of year again and when the rain finally relents here in south Florida, Sarasota landscaping companies will be busy refreshing gardens, planting trees, and adding new mulch to flower and plant beds. Many times, this mulch comes infested with stowaway pests like ants and cockroaches. As a local exterminator, I have found this time of the year can get quite busy with requests from customers who have suddenly found their home full of ants or roaches when there was no previous problem. Upon arrival, a skilled pest control technician will always survey the nearby environment to see what has changed since last visit. Quite often, the only variable would be fresh gardening and a layer of new mulch. Homeowners with pets are common targets because the potent odor from dog and cat food can be an irresistible lure to many types of insects with keen senses of smell.

Local pest exterminator Johnny Bugs describes interactions with customers who think that there has been some sort of previous treatment failure. He says “new mulch means new problems annually. Discerning homeowners need to pay close attention to what is being placed on and around their properties. Some landscape in Sarasota Florida is very conducive to pest activity like argentine and ghost ant infestations. These critters will quickly start foraging for food and water nearby and frequently find it in your home.” Large cockroaches can also be found hiding in these dark, warm, and perpetually moist mulch habitats. Our customers need to call us at the first sign of interior pest activity so the problem does not get out of hand and he stresses that most of his customers have a guarantee in place for reasons like this.

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