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Pest control companies are not allow to say the products are “safe” in any of their advertising so be wary of companies who do. We apply the least toxic product that will solve your problem and only put it into inaccessible places when needed. If there is an alternative to using pesticides to solve the problem, we will make that recommendation. Sometimes simple sanitation can solve a light infestation

We follow pesticide labeling very strictly. Some of the products we use say that you cannot be in the same room as the applicator and that the treated surfaces should be dry to the touch before reentry but every label varies. I recommend anyone be out of the adjacent area at all times during treatment just to be careful. We strictly follow all label directions and recommend you do the same when treating your own home with do-it-yourself pest control products

Any general household pest treatment should control ants, spiders, cockroaches, and several other species of crawling insects. Termites require specialized products and application methods and are not controlled by a general household pest treatment.

A South Florida extermination treatment should last upwards of three months. The rain and sun usually contribute to the degradation of an insecticide so applications may last longer in certain seasons. Most infestations are the result of improperly stored pet food or people who leave their pet’s food and water dishes on the floor all day. An applicator’s choice of products also determines how long it will last, so be wary of cheap companies

A skilled pest control technician will be able to tell how often your house should be treated based on environmental factors. If you don’t trust them, call Johnny Bugs, Inc. for a free second opinion at (941) 405-3080. Monthly treatments are seldom needed except in restaurants or filthy houses with serious pest pressure

Some areas are prone to certain pest infestations more than others. Some of the newer developments may have large rodent populations, like Lakewood Ranch, while others may have invasive species like the Tawny Crazy Ants of Bradenton and Parrish Click Here for Tawny Crazy Ant Video. Port Charlotte has numerous feral honey bee colonies that are active all year. North Port has Johnny Bugs! All parts of the Florida Sun-Coast have pressure from large American Roaches commonly called “Palmetto Bugs” or “Water Bugs”. Johnny Bugs can control most household pests with just one treatment

Johnny Bugs, Inc. is a local family owned / operated pest extermination business that is committed to fast results and fair prices. Our years of experience and professional training allow us to effectively use no-odor & pet-friendly products. Experience the professional difference today! Call (941) 405-3080 or visit www.JohnnyBugs.com for more information or to read our pest control blog.


Alicia Carroll
We are VERY pleased with our service.
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We are VERY pleased with our service. Full pest and flea service. I don't even have ants in my yard! I will definitely keep them coming for all of our pest needs. Also, they were the BEST prices around town!
Patty Mihm
They are remarkable, I wouldn’t hire anyone else but Johnny Bugs.
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Johnny Bugs is a family owned business and right there tells it all. FAMILY! They are remarkable, I wouldn’t hire anyone else but Johnny Bugs. They are prompt, friendly, reliable, and out going. When I call them they are here, which is very rare. I highly recommend them. Thank you. Patty Mihm
Pavel Pleshkanov
I would gladly recommend Johnny Bugs to my friends and family.
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I’ve had experiences with several other pest control companies and Johnny Bugs is by far the best. Fred has been top notch; he is all around professional, polite, courteous, punctual, takes care to explain things, answers any of my questions, and clearly has many years of experience. I would gladly recommend Johnny Bugs to my friends and family.
Pam V
I would absolutely endorse and recommend this company.
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We have used Johnny Bugs for pest control for many years. Wonderful company that gives great customer service and is honest. Fred and Sean were the two technicians that we had out to our home recently, they were both knowledgeable and straightforward regarding our issue. I would absolutely endorse and recommend this company.
Bradley Clark
Very happy with Sean our tech.
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Very happy with Sean our tech. He took time to tell me what was going on and understood how important it was to us to solve the fire ant issues we had. Thanks to Sean and Johnny Bugs we were able to have our sons birthday on our lawn with out any kids getting bit.

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