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Flea & Tick Activity is Hot in Sarasota Bradenton FL

Flea & Tick Activity is Hot in Sarasota Bradenton FL

Brown Dog Tick Sarasota

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Flea & Tick Activity is Hot

Activity in the area is heating up significantly right now. From Bradenton to Port Charlotte there seems to be a deluge of Flea & Tick Activity. Home remedies have little to no effect on controlling the life cycle of quick reproduction and spreading infestations. Many times home remedies make more of smelly mess than they’re worth.

Flea & Tick Activity Life Cycles

Fleas start out like most pests when an adult female lays eggs. Fleas go through three additional changes. First they become larvae which will feed on organic material deposited near them. This can include pet dander and shed skin from humans and pets. Next, they will barricade themselves in an impenetrable cocoon like mass made from nearby debris and saliva. In this stage, the pupae is transforming into an adult flea. Once finished, it will sit there protected until it senses vibration or smells someone’s breath. It will then pounce on its victim and feed on his blood. Flea & Tick Activity require blood meals to reproduce!

Ticks do not complete this metamorphosis. They hatch as small ticks and gradually grow to full size while molting (shedding their exoskeleton) along the way. A female dog tick can lay as many as 3,000 eggs at a time so it is imperative to have a professional eliminate these pests because if you miss one, you start all over quickly! Knowing where to look can be the difference in whether the problem gets solved.

Sarasota Flea & Tick Activity and Control Methods

Controlling Flea & Tick Activity requires training and knowledge of insect behaviors and product susceptibility. Although many products will kill insects on contact, a professional knows how to minimize your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals. Products sold over the counter typically rely on smelly old school technology.

Our North Port Sarasota Pest Control Service Company uses pet friendly and no odor products.

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At Johnny Bugs, Inc. your family’s safety is our top priority. In most cases, we can target the areas of infestation with little disruption to your family and get quick results using eco-friendly products. Call today (941) 405-3080 or visit our website www.JohnnyBugs.com to learn more… Flea & Tick Activity at your house will be a thing of the past after our visit.

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