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Fleas Are Riding the Bus Home to Sarasota FL

Fleas Are Riding the Bus Home to Sarasota FL

Fleas Are Parasites That Ride the Bus Home Tonight

Usually it doesn’t take long for the fleas to realize its dry season again in Florida. With moisture evaporating quickly from swamps and marshes, animals that are flea vectors begin migrating into areas with prominent water features like man-made ponds and water basins. Each of these animals thirsting for a drink carry more passengers than a bus on a weekday run in Sarasota County. (Have you ever actually seen someone on those buses?) Once these parasites arrive at their bus stop, they quickly move in and begin looking for a good meal. Infested feral cats roaming the woods of North Port leave fleas deposited near garbage containers and in the shrubs around the people’s homes that feed them. Once nearby, they can hop to work and begin reproducing using Fluffy as their preferred food source.

Parasites Hitching a Ride to Your North Port Sarasota House Are No Joke!

All kidding aside, fleas can reproduce quickly if left uncontrolled. Fleas can be a major irritant to household pets and humans while feeding. The flea has been implicated in the spread of Bubonic Plague known as the great “black death” during medieval times, although spreading infection is rare. A flea goes through complete metamorphosis and starts when eggs are laid by female adult fleas.

Once they emerge, they will feed on dried blood and skins deposited at the base of carpets or grass. They then build a very strong cocoon which is impervious to insecticide as they transform into adults. Once emerged, they quickly look for a blood meal. Fleas can stay in this cocoon stage in excess of a year and only come out when they sense movement or smell the breath of people and animals. Fleas are easy to control with commercial products. Don’t make a mess using grandma’s dust remedy when you can have a professional solve the problem fast.

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