Flies and Flying Insect Control

Fly Sideways
Photos Courtesy of David Mario Bazan Photography

It’s barbeque time again and guess who is coming to dinner? Those pesky flies! There are about 160,000 species already identified throughout the world and I think flies are disgusting. They land on your food and can transmit disease and bacteria very effectively. I divide flies into two categories: small and large. Small flies (including fungus gnats, fruit flies, and drain flies) can be found indoors and can reproduce fast. Other flies common to Bradenton and Sarasota are House Flies, Flesh Flies, and Bottle Flies (green and blue). Other biting flies include deer flies and no see-um flies, whose bite can be quite painful and relentless. Did you know Mosquitoes are also flies? Ouch!

Keeping flies away can be a difficult task and success mostly depends on proper identification and knowledge of biology and habits. Flesh flies inside can be indicative of a dead animal such as mice and rats in the attic or crawlspace. Green and Blue Bottle Flies are usually found outdoors and breed in horse manure and dog droppings. A neighbor that does not clean up after their dog can create a superb breeding ground for these types of flies. Horse barns usually need serious fly control measures to ensure that the animals are not being constantly bothered or fed upon. Getting bitten by mosquitoes or Deer Flies can be quite a nuisance. But can anything be done?

Fly HeadJohnny Bugs, Inc. are experts at Fly Control and can quickly ascertain the problem and apply treatment strategies to minimize or eliminate fly populations near to your home and property. Call today to learn more: (941) 405-3080 or visit Johnny Bugs.com. Hey, check those burgers, I think they’re done!