Florida’s tropical climate

Florida’s tropical climate is ideal for outdoor recreation almost year-round. While it delights residents and draws travelers to the area in droves, it also is perfect for many pests to thrive. If you have noticed bugs in your home, you understandably may be disgusted and concerned. Bugs can carry diseases, and some can sting or bite you. Others can cause serious property damage. Many Florida pests enjoy spending time outdoors, or they may be driven inside your home to look for water or to take a break from the heat.

Regardless of the types of bugs that you have identified, you can take steps to prevent them from continuing to enter your space. First, seal all cracks and crevices to make it more difficult for bugs to enter your home. Then, identify reasons why they may be trying to get in. For example, if bugs are drawn to your home for water, you may need to identify and repair a slow plumbing leak. Another essential step is to schedule regular pest treatment. This can kill existing pests hiding in your home and prevent new ones from entering. We provide effective treatments inside homes and throughout the exterior to generate exceptional results for our customers.