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Fruit Flies may be the only ones who love Granny’s Fruitcake

Fruit Flies may be the only ones who love Granny’s Fruitcake

Of course everyone loves a Sarasota fruitcake! Having the freshest fruit within picking distance has its privileges. But this holiday as you cram loads of its delicious sweetness down your throat, don’t forget to save some for the small unsung heroes of compost piles everywhere, the fruit flies. Remember that the cake you are slurping on has robbed them of sweet low-hanging fruit in someone’s nearby grove so make sure to leave a piece next to the cookies and reindeer food for Frankie the Fruit Fly this Christmas Eve.

About Fruit Flies: They have a short life, usually only lasting several days. They fly, eat, and reproduce quickly and like to hover in clouds near their food sources. Oranges, Bananas, Potatoes, and Even Onions can play host to their holiday parties. Much like us, they enjoy fermented products then go looking for action. With a female being able to lay as many as 500 eggs, the party can grow fast, so make sure the local Fire Marshall doesn’t find out your overcrowded!

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