Good News! – That Outrageous Exterminator Johnny Bugs Has Just Modernized Pest Control Service from North Port to Bradenton FL

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How a Pest Control Icon from North Port FL Can Change an Industry for the Better

Johnny Bugs hates the way this industry has locked people into poor quality service and intends to change things. This local Mom & Pop North Port Pest Control Company has grown rapidly in the face of a depressed economy and soaring expenses related to poor national environmental policies. How is this sustainable? According to Johnny, “Our no-contract service is customer oriented, and we are breaking the long established industry norms with our no-pressure business model that includes using reduced-risk pest products and application methods. I believe that large international companies and all of their little local imitators are not providing what the people actually want, and are overcharging for poor quality. We offer the most cost effective solution to their problem.”

Mike H. from Venice says “I love that I can choose when I have the service completed and that you don’t just show up unannounced and surprise me while I’m in my pool, like my last pest control company always did.”

This North Port Pest Control Company Has Got the Goods

According to Johnny, the services are offered as one-time treatments with a limited warranty, or depending on your needs, you can choose an annual agreement that lowers the routine treatment prices and extends the warranty all year. You can even get substantial discounts if the year is paid up front. Customers are happy that they can live without ants, spiders, and cockroaches. “With the peace of mind we offer, they don’t have to worry about little critters crawling across them in the middle of the night.” says Johnny.

(941) 405-3080Johnny Bugs, Inc. is a full-service North Port Pest Control Exterminator who specializes in pet-friendly and no-odor treatments. We care about your family and will do everything in our power to solve your problem quickly all while minimizing product risks.

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