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Got rodents?

Got rodents

Signs of Rodents…
When you live in Florida, you are more likely to have a rodent problem because the weather is hot year-round. Mice and rats will seek cooler spots to live where there is food to eat and water to drink. An important aspect of pest control is for you to understand the signs of rodent infestations so that you can call an exterminator as fast as possible. Rodents are typically active at night, so if you hear strange noises in the walls or attic, then this is often where the rats and mice are living.

Contact Us Today…Rodents tend to run along the baseboards because the animals have poor vision, and this is where you will see disgusting black droppings. Mice and rats also urinate along these areas, leaving stains on the floor tiles or carpeting. Make sure to look inside the kitchen cabinets where foodstuffs are stored to determine if the rodents have chewed into plastic packages or cardboard boxes. If you have family pets such as dogs or cats, then these animals will make noise when a rodent is nearby. You can contact Johnny Bugs Inc., for additional information about professional pest control in Florida.

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