How to find and Eliminate Small Flies like Fungus Gnats

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Have you been pestered by a small dark brown gnat that keeps landing on your counter and running away from you quickly when you try to swat him? Fungus Gnats can be a difficult problem to solve if you home is infested because they can live in hard to see or hard to reach places. One of the most common places to find where they may be nesting is in you favorite potted plants. Because these flies need high moisture levels to breed, they will almost always be found in damp places. Sometimes the source of the infestation can even be under the floor or in the walls thanks to leaking plumbing or fixtures. Larvae typically feed on moist decaying organic matter so the most times the infestation is found in the soil of a nearby house plant. Many times once a single infestation takes hold, numerous other infestations can take root in the building and the problem spreads quickly.


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