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How to Prepare for a Bed Bug Treatment

How to Prepare for a Bed Bug Treatment

Exert Bed Bug Control Service is Thorough

Bedbugs around Sarasota Florida can be hiding in just about anything. I recently found them on tissue paper inside of a shoebox under the bed. A professional Exterminator will take their time and check everything from the floor to the ceiling all around the bedroom. Nothing can be overlooked. Dressers and nightstands can hide bugs as well as closets, bathrooms, and ceiling fixtures like lights or fans. Bed Bugs can crawl up the walls and drop onto you in the middle of the night so neglecting the top of the walls and curtains can mean the difference between treatment failure and success sometimes. The trained technician must go through everything accessible and remove as many bugs as can be found first, usually with a vacuum, all while looking for potential harborage sites.

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Before the exterminator arrives, remove all bed linens and check them carefully for bugs. Place them in large trash bags and launder them at high heat. Many houses do not have dryers that will get hot enough to kill eggs so I recommend a commercial laundromat to use professional machines.

Bed Bugs will die at temperatures above 130 degrees so it is imperative to get them hot and bothered. Also clean and remove any clutter around the beds. The mattress and box spring will be moved around during treatment and technicians will need access to the bed frame and surrounding areas for treating effectively. There are several products now labeled to kill bed bugs, but few work better than dusts. Because of their biology, they rarely come in contact with treated surfaces which makes killing them quite a chore. Throw in some heavy resistance to conventional pesticides and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. That’s why dusts do so well, the larger size of molecule does a better job at contacting the bug as it walks across the treated surfaces. Natural desiccant dusts like diatomaceous earth can provide excellent results and minimize exposures to synthetic chemicals.

Bed Bug Control if Do-it-Yourself

I strongly recommend not attempting to solve a Bed Bug Problem yourself. Many over the counter products will disperse the population into multiple areas making things worse. If you do go it alone, make sure to check the bedding and box-spring closely. This will be where most of the problem will be initially. Always apply pest control products according to label directions only! You can hurt yourself and others if you use the wrong thing in the wrong place. Also, NEVER use a fogger indoors. These kill very few bugs and really spread them out around the house making it very hard to find them all.

Get Professional Help with Bed Bugs in Sarasota Florida

Tired of futile attempts with lasting stragglers? We can help. Our team can quickly halt a severe infestation and give you peace of mind to sleep well without making a platelet donation.

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