How Your Bug Buddy Johnny Bugs Deals with Sarasota Problem Ants

Crazy Ants

Sarasota Problem Ants Nearby

Photos Courtesy of David Mario Bazan

There are several species of ants that we frequently encounter while doing pest control service in Sarasota. We call them the “big three”: Fire Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Sugar Ants (AKA: Ghost Ants). In the next few years, I’m sure we will be adding the Caribbean Raspberry Crazy Ants to that list. Let’s discuss each of these Sarasota Problem Ants quickly.

Fire Ants Prevalent in Sarasota

All three counties from Manatee to Charlotte have high levels of Fire Ant activity. Most homes we treat have at least a few fire ant mounds somewhere nearby. In South Florida, we have two types we encounter, both the native fire ants and the imported fire ants. Native fire ants are far less aggressive whereas imported fire ants will react with an all-out assault in just a few moments. See Sarasota Ant Video below:

Carpenter Ants in Sarasota County

These like to live in damaged wood or nest in trees. Although technically they are not listed as “wood-destroying” insects for the sake of a Real Estate Pest Inspection, they can make a mess in areas where water or termite intrusion has occurred. These Sarasota Problem AntsCarpenter Ant also like to live in people’s attics and climb down through bathroom and kitchen vent fans, while subsequently being found most often in these areas of the home.

Sugar (Ghost) Ants Also Common in Sarasota

Here they come! Trailing clear across the house and emerging somewhere to find food and water. These Sarasota Problem Ants tend to generate the most calls to our business because the infestation puts them right in front of you on the kitchen sink and in your stored food pantry. Below is a video of some Sarasota Problem Ants emerging from a crack in the baseboard of an interior room feeding on bait:

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