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Insect Bites

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Recently in the news, a popular heavy metal band’s guitar player died as a result of kidney failure after an alleged spider bite. Although there are few reports of Brown Recluse Spiders here in the Sarasota and Bradenton Florida areas, it reminds us of how important it is to take any insect bite seriously and get help if it does not heal quickly.

Did you know that upwards of 80% of all insect bites occur inside the home? That’s a great reason to have pest control done at your home right now and on a regular basis! Insect bites affect all people differently and it is nearly impossible to tell what type of insect bit you unless there are clear fang markings, as in the case of larger spiders. All spiders are venomous; however only a few species possess the capacity of harming or killing a human. Black Widow Spiders usually get all the media attention, however. All people react differently to insect bites based on skin sensitivities. It can be common for two people sleeping next to each to both be bitten by bed bugs, as an example, and only one person shows signs of bite marks. Am I making you itch yet? Good, because it’s time to call and schedule a home treatment! Don’t spend another night with them.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. can help prevent bites from crawling insects by identifying the potential environmental concerns surrounding your home, insects common in your area, and using a custom treatment strategy designed for your home. Don’t waste your time on over-the-counter, old-school, smelly products with high margins or error.

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Call Johnny bugs today and schedule an odor-free treatment, it will probably cost you less in the long run: or visit www.JohnnyBugs.com to meet our team and learn more.

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