JOHNNY BUGS Finds Venomous Spiders More Often This Year in North Port Sarasota FL

Photos Courtesy of David Mario Bazan Photography

Venomous Spiders Are Being Found More Often This Season

North Port Sarasota residents are concerned about the larger than normal amount of spiders they are finding in and around their homes this season. They should be fearful! Since all spiders are venomous, people with weakened immune systems, allergies, or other sensitivities can incur serious and painful damage from spider’s bite. Children and pets will also be vulnerable when playing outside. We knew the wet winter here in Southwest Florida would produce lots of bugs, but this was one for the record books. All up and down the west coast of Florida, from Bradenton to Port Charlotte, we are seeing bushes and screened lanais bristling with Venomous Spider activity. Crab Spiders spin large orb-shaped webs and will stretch from top to bottom of a screened enclosure. Black Widows are hiding in your garage and around your trash receptacles. Brown Widows are the most common venomous spiders observed preying on insects from window ledges, eaves, and other places known to attract bugs.

Venomous Spiders Are Growing Fat with Large Amounts of Food Available

Venomous Spiders in Florida have no want for food this year! It’s a virtual smorgasbord of variety from flying to crawling insects. Spiders are not picky eaters and can ensnare multiple catches in just a few short hours of predation. First, a spider will inject its prey with venom, and then it will suck out the bug’s guts once dissolved. This is a gross, but effective means of digestion. Toxicity of the spider’s venom will vary across the species with the Brown Recluse and Widow Spiders being the most toxic to humans.

Venomous Spiders Have Enemies in the Mud Dauber Wasp

Florida’s Venomous Spiders are not the top of the food chain. A nifty Wasp named the Mud Dauber will capture a spider, immobilize it with a sting, and encase it in a mud nest. This wasp lays its eggs in the mud casing, which will feed on the spider during gestation. These mud encasements are usually found high up around your house under eaves and around shaded entryways. Seeing these mud casings means you have a high level of spider activity near your home.

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JOHNNY BUGS Can Easily Control Venomous Spiders

Most North Port Sarasota pest control companies will tell you little can be done to eradicate venomous spiders in Southwest Florida. Don’t believe them. Spiders can be controlled quite easily by a skilled extermination company like JOHNNY BUGS, INC. Our highly trained technicians will first identify the most common species in and around your home. They will remove as many webs as possible around the outside of your home and in the pool screened lanai using a special brush. Then, they will use no-odor, pet-friendly products specific to spider control. CALL NOW (941) 405-3080 or visit to hear what others have to say about our local family owned / operated company. Give Venomous Spiders a swift kick in the…