JOHNNY BUGS says Pest Control by Robotic Drones is coming to North Port Sarasota FL

Most of the the technological advancements in our industry revolve around the actual chemicals themselves. Small incremental improvements in efficacy, dilution amounts, and bio-active ingredients have been slowly improving for years, but delivery methods have not.

The JOHNNY BUGS North Port Sarasota Pest Control Drone may be flying over soon

No, it’s not currently legal to apply pesticides with drones yet, but I’m sure we will be in the not too distant future right here in North Port Sarasota. With satellite maps, I already have a bird’s eye view of your surroundings to ascertain what types of pest pressure you may be subject to in and around your home before I even set foot on your property. By the way, your trees and shrubs need to be trimmed back!

Mosquito Control could easily be replaced by Drone Technology all throughout Southwestern Florida

The biggest cost of mosquito control is usually the maintenance and use of aircraft. Small communities could significantly cut their costs and manage their own fleet of urgent response drones. Timely treatments that are localized to high pressure areas with exacting coordinates would minimize public exposure and stop nuisance pests in their tracks. Application delivery systems have changed very little in the last one-hundred years. Pump sprayers of all sizes are the usual method of getting products to their intended insect targets. Small mist blowers affixed to drones would work quite nicely to apply minimal amounts of pesticides to target rich environments. I could load and program a treatment flight to seek and destroy the fire ants in the back yard and never leave the truck. That would be great during July when it’s a thousand degrees outside.

Pest Control is getting safer every year in North Port Sarasota

Rodent control will be pretty neat with the use of drones. Maybe we could make mechanical hawks to hunt them down before the get into your house! I guess one benefit of using drones instead of people would be no more workers’ compensation claims? I hope the drones don’t become self-aware or they may demand needless entitlements like unions and free healthcare. Calling out sick? No more FMLA abuse. I hope that’s a little further down the road. Besides, we will already be extinct because they will have “mercy-killed” us by then.

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