Large Cockroaches

Palmetto Bugs, Water Bugs, Roaches… No matter what you choose to call him, the American Cockroach is unfazed and marches on. These very large roaches have given birth to Florida folklore being big enough to carry off a small child! These are just one type of a few large roaches we deal with here in Sarasota Florida. Others include the Brown-Banded and Woods Cockroach. All large cockroaches tend to be occasional invaders and not usually a interior nuisance unless they are left un-checked. They roaches tend to hide in warm moist locations like attics, gutters, and under exterior mulch. Since they require high levels of moisture to survive, many times an ongoing infestation can signal a hidden problem like water leaks or bad plumbing ventilation. The nightly predators can be found all throughout the southeastern United States and especially the area stretching from Bradenton to Port Charlotte on the west coast of Florida.

Simple sanitation and preventative pest control treatments can easily control this pest. Many times these cockroaches can be physically excluded by sealing around your garage door and the eaves near your windows, doors, soffits, and gutters. John Passport Photo SmallJohnny Bugs, Inc. can make quick work of ending an American Cockroach problem. Our highly trained staff can quickly find the source and eliminate further activity. Don’t live with cockroaches! Call Johnny Bugs Right Now: (941) 405-3080 or find us on the web at