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Dealing with German Cockroaches by JOHNNY BUGS in Port Charlotte, Sarasota, and Bradenton Florida

Dealing with German Cockroaches by JOHNNY BUGS in Port Charlotte, Sarasota, and Bradenton Florida


German Cockroaches are medium to small yellowish colored roaches commonly found in restaurants and in kitchen and bathrooms of people’s homes. German Roaches can be brought home inadvertently in clothing accessories, ladies handbags, boxes, or appliances. Because the area that spans from Port Charlotte to Bradenton Florida is so popular during the holidays, German Roaches can be brought in by a visiting friend or relative who may have them at their own house. Also, be sure to thoroughly inspect any furniture or appliances you may be purchasing from yard sales or auctions as these may be hiding this scary stow-away and his friends. German Roaches can replicate in huge numbers very quickly. The common life cycle of a German Roach is about nine months but they reach sexual maturity in just a few days and they carry numerous young in their egg capsules.

More than double the offspring of some other cockroach strains. A few little yellow roaches can create a huge problem in just a few weeks. Because they tend to be nocturnal, or come out at night, you will most commonly see them in the evening in and around sources of heat or high moisture (IE: Dishwashers and Toaster Ovens). One difficult treatment we fought in Venice Florida had a high population of roaches living in a video game system. Unknowing residents were literally holding hundreds in their hands while using the controllers. These roaches are also commonly found in phones, computers, and other electronic items and can quickly transfer to friends and relatives. Pest control operators in Sarasota and Bradenton Florida find it difficult to control infestations due to high levels of insecticide resistance and poor cooperation of homeowners.

Why Johnny Bugs is the right choice to control German Cockroaches:

Johnny Bugs, Inc. has many years of experience battling these pests on the West Coast of Florida. Through our extensive training and experience, we have learned how to quickly find the sources of the infestations and apply the right choice of products that get quick control and provide the highest degree of safety possible to the residents of the home being treated.

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