Local Exterminator Johnny Bugs Agrees that North Port is one of the Best Small Cities to Move To

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“It’s not surprising that North Port has been named one of the best small cities to move to” says Pest Control Exterminator, Johnny Bugs. “North Port is a wonderful place to have fun and raise a family. There are miles and miles of paved walkways and bicycle paths for fitness, new community centers popping up all over, and plans to build water parks and other attractions close by. This town has grown quite a lot since I moved here and it’s nice to see that my tax dollars are actually used to build infrastructure and not just feed never-ending union projects like in my hometown of Philadelphia.” With new stores and restaurants being added almost daily, it really has become an affordable destination for working class citizens. Although many who live here commute to nearby Sarasota and Fort Myers, it’s become the best place to get the most for your money with affordable homes and great local service providers.

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