Mobile Home Pest Treatments in North Port and Venice Florida

Mobile Home Pest Treatments in North Port and Venice Florida

Treating mobile homes can be quite challenging. With most residents being only seasonal “snow birds”, vacant homes can be inviting to both insects and animal vermin. Although slightly smaller in footprint than most “stick built” homes, some unique challenges occur due to construction materials, placement of walls, elevation, and the close proximity of others. When treating a mobile home in Bradenton or Sarasota Florida its best to take a holistic approach. Observe nearby water features or trees that may be attractive to pests. Know the owner’s schedule and expectations for control.

Schedule treatments only when it is convenient for the owner and when they plan to be in town if possible. If waterways are nearby, the treatment must take into consideration the product’s labeling requirements for run-off prevention and toxicity to aquatic species. Exterior corrugated materials can provide shade and harborage to many pests like earwigs (pincher bugs) and roaches. Golf carts can become infested with honey bees and other pests like fire ants. Eaves and awnings commonly house wasps and mud daubers. Animal incursions under mobile homes in the Venice, North Port, and surrounding Sarasota County areas have left enormous flea populations for unsuspecting part-time residents to find upon arrival as well. It is best to allow a professional to take care of your paradise retreat!

Johnny Bugs, Inc. is the best choice to treat your mobile home: With many years of experience treating manufactured homes in Western Florida, we know how to provide pest-free living and peace of mind that your tee time will not be interrupted with calls to the exterminator!

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