Mosquito Season Kicks Off in Southwest Florida with Drenching Rains and a Large New Immigrant

Wow, if you are like me and live in the southern part of Sarasota County you have learned that budget cuts usually impact the general public first, as evident in the lack of aerial spraying in North Port this last season. We have battled non-stop mosquito pressure and now have swapped the noise of the mosquito program airplane for the constant droning of bayflight helicopters over our roof. No relief here!

Things may now even take a turn for the worst because this year there as there is a new larger, more painfully-biting nuisance in our area, The Gallnipper has been found recently in Orange County. If it moves hear to the areas north of Port Charlotte, we might as well ask them to donate our pilferage to the local red cross. These larger immigrant mosquitoes are said to pack quite a painful bite. Since these larger mosquitoes seem to have a longer gestation period, it is recommended to not let any standing water last for more than a week around your home. If you live somewhere near me, then the swamp out back will sure be bristling with excitement.

John Passport Photo SmallJohnny Bugs, Inc. can assess your situation and recommend ways to lessen the impact of mosquito season. There are a range of options available from larvicide treatments to attractants and lights. We can recommend and treat the areas around your home to provide some relief. This is Sarasota Pest Control at it’s best! Don’t scratch the night away, call us now: (941) 405-3080 or see us at