Rodent Infestation in Your Attic? Johnny Bugs will Kick Them Out!

Rodent Infestation

Rodent infestation keeping you awake at night? Let Johnny Bugs kick those freeloaders to the curb!

rodent infestation in sarasota getting on roof rats
Johnny Bugs will get to them!

Rats & Mice come in to your home for a variety of reasons. During the winter, they are seeking shelter and the warmth of your attic insulation. During drought conditions, rats and mice are looking for water and your air conditioning system has what they need. Unfortunately while building their homes, they can destroy yours. This is why you need rodent control.
Sealing up the house is the best way to permanently the rodents out and keep them out.

By the time most people realize they have rodent activity, the damage has already been done. Rats have used your insulation to build nests and as a bathroom. With a quick gestational period of 21 days, two become many in a short period of time. When a trained professional comes in they will survey the area to see what needs to be done. They will also examine the exterior your home to find where the rodents are entering and exiting. Once the home is sealed, traps will be placed to rid your home of the rodents still living in your attic. Will the rats just leave eventually? No, some Florida home owners think if they just wait the problem will resolve itself. After all, who or what could live in a Florida attic during summer? Rats and mice have no problem cohabiting with you and don’t mind the hot attic.

Best practice to control a rodent infestation

Living in a home with rodents can lead to health issues and contamination. Subsequently, using tamper-resistant bait stations is one way we can get a rat infestation under control fast. These rodent control devices are sealed boxes placed around the exterior of your home to control the nearby population. They are the best way to protect your property. Some people scatter mouse bait to kill rodents but that can also kill other animals in your yard or hurt children. It is very dangerous if you have children who can also ingest the rat poison so leave it to the professionals.

rats mice living in house soffit attic rodent infested
Look closely…

Rat Trapping ends a rodent infestation quickly and trapping can take a couple weeks depending on the amount of rodents in your home. Rat traps must be checked every week to prevent dead rodents from decaying in you attic.

Don’t let a rodent infestation ruin your paradise. Rodent control by Johnny Bugs Pest Control solves the problem fast and humanely, call or text now to schedule a free evaluation for rodent control (941) 405-3080