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Pest Prevention & Control Services for North Port Charlotte, Venice, Sarasota, and Bradenton

Pest Prevention & Control Services for North Port Charlotte, Venice, Sarasota, and Bradenton

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The extermination business in Southwest Florida has used a variety of terms over the years to describe what we do. The word exterminator has fallen out of use because it connotes killing which is less popular in today’s society. In recent years, the term Pest Control has been far more popular and has become one of the most common terms in search engine requests. The trend of change now continues with Pest Prevention quickly becoming the industry buzzword. Large companies continue to bombard consumers with green-washing propaganda about green and organic services while advising physically sealing cracks around doors and windows and other physical means of preventing pest insects from entering as totally effective. I have to be very honest here, almost anything from soap to window cleaner will kill insects via direct contact like the “organics” and “natural” products in use. The infestation however will continue because these products lack what professional grade products can do; which is transfer to other insects via contact and grooming habits, thus eliminating the entire insect colony. These products are only available to licensed pest experts and should not be handled or used by the general public.

In my ten years treating homes in the local area I have never had a homeowner tell me that any company took the time to seal around all their doors or windows, let alone the other points of entry like eaves, soffits, and garage doors. This option is a farce to sell to the green friendly crowds who dislike the use of pesticides. If you live in southern Florida, odds are you need to have at least some sort of pest treatment done to stop the constant onslaught of bugs marching towards your home.

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As an experienced State Certified Operator, I know what tools are available to minimize your exposures to insecticide chemicals and how to stop infestations quickly at the source. A well-educated and trained technician will be able to identify the insect quickly, know its biology, find the source, and choose the least toxic means of eradicating the pest, and yes, very rarely this can be accomplished though physical means. This goes for all pests from bats to crawling insects.

Don’t drink the magic kool-aid people! If you’re like me and are truly concerned about limiting exposures but know that there is a place and time in which pest treatments are needed, then don’t hesitate to call me today for help. I support and encourage do-it-yourself treatments and offer guidance to homeowners to ensure they are not just spraying wildly thinking that more is better. A professional understands that we all benefit from reduced exposures!

Why call Johnny Bugs, Inc. for help? Call us because we care about your family; especially those most vulnerable like children and pets.

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