Pet Friendly Pest Control While Wintering in Port Charlotte and Venice Florida

After many years of Sarasota Pest Control services, I have learned that there really are only a few good companies in this area who know how to provide true “Pet Friendly” service. What makes a treatment pet friendly you may ask? For starters, pest technicians need to make sure they know what type of animals and pets are living in or around the home. You should be asked questions like: “How old are your dogs or cats” and “do they have a history of illness or disease?” Make sure to always listen to your pest control service technician when they explain the label requirements for treating a home with pets. (First, you may want to make sure they know what the label says!) Additionally, Birds and fish are very sensitive so extreme caution must be taken around them. While most professional products are safe for use around pets, product labels usually require that pets be removed from the treatment area and they do not contact the treated areas until the products are completely dry to the touch.

John Passport Photo SmallJohnny Bugs, Inc. is Pet Friendly because we know pets can be more sensitive to pest treatments and we care about their safety. We use professional products strictly according to label directions. (All products used by Johnny Bugs have been approved by the EPA after many years of intense study) Many times we will use the same active ingredients that are used in over-the-counter flea and tick medications, just in smaller quantities or dosages. Call today to solve your current problem or just to schedule a preventative treatment: (941) 405-3080 or visit to learn more