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Almost all homes in the world are infested by pests. some of these pests are; bedbugs, cockroaches, fire ants, fleas, and ticks. Getting rid of these pests can be very difficult if one doesn’t get the best pesticides to use. We at Johnny Bugs are determined to help our customers to get rid of these pests.

Pet-friendly pesticides in Johnny Bugs

In Johnny Bugs, we use pet-friendly pesticides. There are a variety of pesticides that when applied to get rid of pests in our homes, they affect our pets. The pets may become sick or even die due to these dangerous chemicals. In Johnny Bugs, we have come up with pesticides that do not affect these pets whenever used. Pet-friendly pesticides are professionally graded and are odourless thus reducing their harm to pets.

Johnny Bugs Expertise

We are very professional in dealing with pests. The people who work in the company have undergone maximum training on how to deal with several pests. They have done this job for a very long time and have gained tactics that help them eliminate the pests quickly.


Johnny Bugs is a place to turn to whenever faced with pests problem at home. We offer free cost estimates via phone or test. Feel free to contact us any time.

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