Raising Awareness of Rodent Infestations During the Winter of 2018

As temperatures continue to drop across the Gulf Coast, the threat of rodent infestations is only increasing. Desperate for warmth and indoor refuge, these furry four-footed menaces pose real dangers to homeowners and locals in Sarasota County and the surrounding areas. With the aid of a reputable rodent exterminator service, you can spare yourself, your family, pets, and friends from the health risks that these disease-carriers pose, and learn how to detect the possibility of an infestation.

Telltale Signs of Infestations

You don’t have to wait until you see a mouse or rat scurrying out from your pantry until you know that you’re facing an infestation. We’ve seen all the signs over the years; and by now we can tell you how to gauge if you’re harboring a rodent population involuntarily.

1. Because you’ve lived and slept in your home, your ears have adjusted to the normal tick of electronics, bathrooms, and other household appliances. An unusual noise, stemming from the floorboards above you, may be the surest sign that your house’s been invaded. Mice and rats prefer attics for their warmth, and their relative peace and quiet.
2. Unless your little ones or pets have a habit of scratching, any marks that you discover on your walls or floors may mean that rodents have claimed your home as theirs. Rats and mice also don’t wash as frequently as you’d like, dabbing surfaces with the oils, and dirts that they ferry in their fur.
3. Perhaps the most infamous, and odorous gifts of them all, rodent droppings accumulate before long—leaving behind a trail from your kitchen cabinets, pantry or wherever a bite of something scrumptious is stored.
4. Once they’re settled, your favorite foot-footed friends tend to bite through everything they can find, damaging wires, wood and other surfaces in your home. Annoying as this most definitely is, it’s also quite dangerous—increasing the risk of a fire breaking out.
5. Scoping out your home, you may find shredded papers, pieces of fabric and other bits of torn materials. Like birds, mice and rodents also construct nests for themselves and their young ones.

If you suspect that your house is in fact a safe haven for unwanted rodents, you’re welcome to call Johnny Bugs and request our mice and rat extermination services in Sarasota County and the nearby areas.