The Rasberry Crazy Ant: One of the Gulf’s Most Irritating Pests

The Florida Gulf is teeming with wildlife. From fish, birds, and gators to mosquitos, spiders, and other insects, the hot and humid environment in Southwest Florida is an ideal one for a wide range of species.

While many of these species are native to Florida and have lived here for centuries, others have come here recently, spreading across the region and infesting counties across the Gulf region.

In this post, we’ll discuss one of Florida’s newest and most irritating pests: the Rasberry Crazy Ant (also known as the Tawny Crazy Ant), which you have probably encountered if you live near one of the thousands of bodies of water in Southwest Florida.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Named in part for its fast, unpredictable movements, the Rasberry Crazy Ant is a swarming variety of ant that has exploded in popularity in counties throughout the Florida Gulf in recent years. These ants are tiny, only about 3.2 mm long, and are smaller than a common fire ant.

Native to South America, this species of fast-moving ants was found to be increasing in numbers in the United States by exterminator Tom Rasberry in 2002, which is how they got the nickname Rasberry Crazy Ant.

Since their discovery in the U.S., they have spread across the Southeastern United States, infesting all of the states of the American Gulf Coast since 2012.

The Damage and Annoyances They Cause

Rasberry Crazy Ants venture vast distances in search of food sources. When they find one, other ants swarm and build new colonies nearby. If a colony of these ants invades your home or property, the situation can escalate rapidly, leading to swarms of ants overtaking the yard or home seemingly overnight.

Additionally, these ants can cause significant damage to a home’s electrical equipment. Like many species of ants, Rasberry Crazy Ants are attracted to electrical equipment. They have been known to chew through insulation and wiring, which can electrocute and kill the ant. However, because of a survival instinct to swarm when an ant of the colony dies, one electrocuted ant can attract scores of ants, thus leading to large collections of ants in electrical equipment.

How to Rid Them from Your Property

Because these ants live in interconnected colonies rather than one localized colony, they can be difficult to eradicate without the help of an experienced professional. As one of the leading teams of exterminators in Sarasota County, Johnny Bugs, Inc. understands how to effectively eliminate Rasberry Crazy Ant infestations from your home or property.

If you need reliable pest control services in or around Sarasota County for an ant problem or another type of pest, contact Johnny Bugs, Inc. at 941-564-5328 today.