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RED ANT INVASION That Looks like Fire Ants and Stream in All Over the House

RED ANT INVASION That Looks like Fire Ants and Stream in All Over the House

Here in parts of Sarasota and Charlotte County Big-Headed Ants have been able to thrive and grow to epic proportions in and under resident’s homes. They are commonly mistaken for Fire Ants because of their mounding / excavating tendencies outside along drive and walkways. These polymorphic ants have funny looking soldiers that have large heads, thus the name. Make no mistake, that large head packs a huge set of mandibles that can bite and hold on to anyone threatening their colony. Finding their way into homes via cracks in caulk or grout, they can appear in one room and then disappear quickly and resurface in other rooms. This is the result of a large ant infestation that stretches underneath the entire concrete slab.

Big-Headed Ants can nest virtually anywhere as seen below in my back yard video, but prefer to be located underground. With a variety of seasonal tastes, they can find happiness in sweets and proteins depending on what time of year it is:

What to do if your Sarasota, North Port, or Port Charlotte home is infested with Big-Headed Red Ants? Call Johnny Bugs! There is little a homeowner can do about this type of ant problem. Special products must be used in sufficient quantities to exterminate the entire lot of them. Over the counter Do it Yourself Pest Control Products seldom have the technology to boot these gals for good. I was always warned by my buddies to stay away from those feisty red heads…

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