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How Rodent Activity is Affected by Sarasota Drought

How Rodent Activity is Affected by Sarasota Drought

How Rodent Activity is Affected by Drought

Local rodent activity has spiked due to the drought conditions as confirmed by several local Sarasota pest exterminators. As pest rats and mice run out of drinking water in swampy areas and ponds, they have moved closer to people’s homes. Water features like bird feeders and koy ponds provide ample moisture for them. Many people who call think they have mice, but the truth is very few mice live in Sarasota. Most calls for rodent control are roof rats (aka: fruit rats). Adept little climbers, rats can easily climb your house and sneak through holes the size of a quarter or less. Your air conditioning lines can provide just enough droplets of water to survive.

When Do We Usually See Rodent Activity?

Rats will begin to move into local homes in the winter months to nest in warm attics. 2017 has been different. While attending a local training event with more than a hundred local companies in attendance, it was clear that rodent pressure has spiked significantly due to the current South Florida Drought. Pest control for rats is no easy task and requires a keen eye and a variety of control options. Rats are very intelligent and many times homeowners that try to solve the problem themselves find they have only made things worse! Subsequently, they have to rely on us professional exterminators to rid their house of rats and mice.

bait stations for sarasota rodent control for mice and rats

Control Rats and Mice

The right way to control rats and mice is to seal the house so they can’t get in. This includes carefully inspecting the entire structure for the small penetration points and closing them off. Once the house is sealed, any rodents left inside must then be trapped and removed. Another part of our rodent control strategy is to knock down the outside rat pressure by placing bait stations around the home in conducive areas. Rats love to feed on the tasty bait we provide in secure tamper resistant bait boxes.

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