Sarasota Cockroach Pest Control by your Bug Buddy Johnny Bugs

Sarasota Cockroach Pest Control by your Bug Buddy Johnny Bugs

Sarasota Cockroach Pest Control

Are you having issues with large or small Cockroaches in Sarasota and in need of Pest Control? Are you afraid to leave the lights off while sleeping? There are a few different species of roaches we see commonly in the southwestern part of Florida from Sarasota Bradenton south to North Port and Charlotte. Those are both the American Cockroach and German Roach as discussed below. American Cockroach The most common nuisance cockroach is the large American Cockroach also known as Water Bugs and Palmetto Bugs. On the fear factor scale, this pest ranks number one. These roaches can grow up to a few inches in length and frequently sneak into your home in one of three ways, either through plumbing penetrations, around the sides of your garage door, or down from your attic. Since most laundry rooms and kitchens in Florida sit adjacent to the garage, this Sarasota Cockroach Pest is usually seen close to these rooms because of a moisture related needs. Sometimes these roaches will wander into other parts of the house, but most often, they will be living in or around plumbing fixtures.

German Roaches are another common Cockroach pest

German Cockroaches get the most media attention due to their ability to reproduce so quickly and live indoors alongside their human host family in relative harmony. The German Cockroach is a Sarasota Cockroach Pest of epic proportions. We have seen Southwest Florida homes so utterly infested that the roaches will rain down from the light fixtures when a treatment is being conducted. Tell-tale signs of this type of infestation include fecal stains which look like pepper around door hinges and baseboards, and little yellowish colored babies running around your kitchen counter and floors. These pests are only introduced by human transportation. If you visited an infested restaurant or your children stayed with friends who may have an issue, it’s very likely they may have hitch-hiked back to your house as well. Check out this video of a kitchen stove brimming with German Roaches:
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