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Sarasota Swarms with Ants Again

Sarasota Swarms with Ants Again

Photo Courtesy of David Mario Bazan Photography

It’s that time of season! With the relentless humidity and heavy rains bearing down on us, huge swarms of winged ants have been observed all throughout the counties of Manatee, Sarasota, and Port Charlotte. Phones have been ringing off the hook this week with people concerned that they may be witnessing massive termite swarms. Most cases are actually just carpenter ants, harmless in many ways, but a major nuisance when swarming in mass numbers. Especially if they are found inside. These swarms are just part of the normal cycle of life where ants go searching for greener pastures to set up nests and invade new structures. Although most are coming from nearby trees, a pest control treatment can aid in eliminating them from crawling into your home and setting up shop.

Despite their name, Carpenter Ants rarely do any damage other than just excavating previously damaged wood. Many times the infestation can be found in exterior door frames damaged by water being wicked-up the outer frame. Also, homeowners will see these ants in a bathroom or kitchen because they are nesting in the attic above and making their way down into your living space around high-hat light fixtures, bathroom fan vents, and plumbing protrusions. What should you do?

Before you reach for that can of smelly bug spray, call a professional company like Johnny Bugs, Inc. to check out your home to ensure a larger problem doesn’t exist. Contact sprays will kill a few workers, but leave the nest unaffected.

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Professional products placed in areas of foraging will be the best remedy. Call today to schedule your treatment or learn more at www.JohnnyBugs.com!

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