The Science Behind Your Pest Control: Rodent Exclusion

When we’re confronted with the peskiest, disease-carrying mice and rats in Sarasota County, FL, and surrounding areas, our rodent exterminator services adapt themselves accordingly. Rooting out and eliminating these pests is not just about evicting unwanted house guests, however; it’s a concern for our public health. With the Sin Nombre Virus and HPS spreading from one furry guy to the next, our Johnny Bugs, Inc. crew doesn’t take any chances.

As you’d probably guess, exceptional mice and rat extermination services near Sarasota County involve far more than laying down mouse-traps and poisons. In fact, Johnny Bugs, Inc. minimizes the amount of toxic chemicals it uses in the field, preferring a thorough methodology that’s known as rodent exclusion.

Professional Methodology
1. Understanding the enemy. Before exterminators can effectively perform in the field, it’s essential that they familiarize themselves with the habits and reproductive powers of the rodents they’re facing. The more species you can distinguish between, the more you can successfully control them.
2. An exhaustive inspection. In this most dangerous game, the victors invest their energy into securing every entryway and exit into homes, sheds, garages, and private interiors. A professional exterminator will identify structural defects that may be giving rodents the advantage—allowing them to slip in and out without detection.
3. Sanitizing the grounds. An effort towards sanitation goes a long way for exterminators, limiting rodents’ access to essentials like food, water, and shelter. If you don’t care about the state of the site itself, you’re only asking for another infestation down the road.
4. Cooperating with the locals. An exterminator who understands their trade will always communicate and cooperate with customers and locals as much as possible. Managing a rodent infestation requires collaboration between everyone on-site and off-site where it’s relevant.
5. Regular monitoring of activity. Once you’ve sealed off the entrances and exits into a home, you’ve only won half the battle as an exterminator. By regularly re-inspecting the grounds for new holes or fluctuations in the rodent population, you can anticipate problems before they happen again, saving yourself quite a bit of a headache.

Once an exterminator has mastered rodent exclusion techniques, the challenge of eliminating a mouse or rat infestation isn’t nearly as daunting. Luckily for our customers along the coasts and sunny beaches of Florida, Johnny Bugs, Inc. has the experience and confidence that comes with success.