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Silverfish causing a problem in your home or garage?

Silverfish causing a problem in your home or garage?

“Silverfish are small, silvery bugs that are found all throughout Florida. They won’t bite and they don’t carry diseases. However, they can end up being quite the nuisance.

If you find silverfish, it’s because you have moisture in your home. They’re often found in bathrooms and garages because that’s where they’re likely to find the most moisture. However, if you’re finding them in other areas of your home, it could be the sign of a bigger issue, such as a leak somewhere.

Silverfish can also eat their way through things that you love. They’re known to go after starchy things inside the home, such as books, wallpaper, and photos. An infestation of these can result in some serious damage to your belongings.

The problem likely isn’t going to go away on its own. At the first sign of a silverfish in your home, it’s best to call an experienced pest company. Learn more about how to deal with a silverfish problem in the Sarasota area by calling Johnny Bugs today.”

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