Spiders You Should Be Made Aware Of When Living in Florida

Here at Johnny Bugs, Inc., our family-owned business is in the pest control line of work because we care about the homes, families, and pets in our community. When our spider exterminators are sent out to work in the Sarasota County area, we use pet-friendly, odorless treatments, which help keep toxins to a minimum. Our team at Johnny Bugs, Inc. is always trying to minimize any potential dangers for residents, which is why we aggressively hunt down pests at each job. One of the many pests we exterminate are spiders, which in Florida are some of the most dangerous. Continue reading to learn more about them!

When one of our experienced exterminators inspects your homes for spiders, we make sure to be on the lookout for two specific spiders in particular. The black widow spider and recluse spider. While the recluse is not a native of Florida, it has managed to spread itself across the state and establish quite the large population. These types of spiders are often found by the most unsuspecting individuals in the least obvious of places.

This is why, even though we track down spiders like the recluse with a vengeance, we never miscalculate the dangers involved. Wherever our team has to go, we always are prepared wearing gloves and full protective suits.

Female black widow spiders can grow anywhere from 8 to 15 mm in body length, which is close to 7 to 8 times the length of their male counterparts. These deadly beauties can almost always be spotted by their shiny, black bodies, and distinct red stripes. These pests are nocturnal by their nature, which means during the darkest hours of the night, the black widow spider is out moving and building its webs.

Usually, how spider bites from the black widow occur are by the spider becoming trapped against either your skin or the skin of your pet. Sometimes, people don’t even feel the bite as it can take one to three hours for signs to show. However, when they do, you’ll need anti-venom to counteract the pain associated with this bite.

When you need a company that is proficient in exterminating ants and spiders from homes in Sarasota County, call Johnny Bugs, Inc. for the best pest control service.