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Swarming Ants or Termites?

Swarming Ants or Termites

It’s that time again in the Sarasota area for swarming bugs to make their appearance. Very often confused for termites, flying carpenter ant swarms will be found on and around the outside of windows and doors all around the west coast of Florida each spring. These bugs are drawn toward the light they see inside at night. Because both carpenter ants and subterranean termites tend to swarm at the same time each year, many homeowners from Bradenton to Port Charlotte call us panicked that an infestation has surfaced.

Here are the facts: when a colony of ants or termites has grown large enough, or is stressed due to other environmental factors like severe drought, they will initiate the process of sending out reproductive colony members to find new places to get cozy. During this reproductive time, many will grow wings and fly away to new far off lands down the street. There is, however, an easy way to tell the difference between ants and termites. Ants have three distinct body segments; the head, thorax, and abdomen. Termites have only two noticeable body segments and also have antennae that look like a little string of beads.

If you are finding either of these common south Florida pests inside your home while the windows and doors are closed, then you may have a large infestation in or under the building. Once they emerge from the walls, they will seek far off light sources and tend to be be found in mass around windows and other lights. If you are just finding them on the outside, then you may just be the victim of prevailing winds leading past your home. This may still be of concern because both of these types of insects will be happy to crawl into your house and nest. The month of April is when I urge you to purchase a preventative treatment.

Johnny Bugs, Inc. can protect your home from Carpenter Ants! Our highly trained staff can identify what type of pest you have found quickly and accurately, and formulate a plan to keep them out. Rest assured knowing that you have taken action to protect your home from these nuisance insects.

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