There is so much to love about living here

There is so much to love about living here in the beautiful North Port, FL, Venice and Sarasota areas! We have abundant sunshine, tropical temperatures, and you are never too far from the beach. It’s great to be able to live an active, outdoors lifestyle, but Florida condo living does also have some drawbacks.

Our tropical climate creates an environment that’s friendly to bugs. You can’t fully enjoy your condo time if you’re worry about creatures scurrying around, so we want you to know that the Johnny Bugs team is here to help.

We cover the entire Sarasota, Venice and North Port areas with our high quality pest control services. If you want to prevent any pest infestations in your condo, we recommend that you schedule regular service with us. Prevention is always the best policy.

As a family owned and operated business, Johnny Bugs understands the importance of keeping your condo safe. We always use the least toxic means necessary to rid your property of bugs and keep them from coming back, so you can be sure that your kids and your pets are safe.

If you would like to learn more about safe, effective pest control for your condo, please contact Johnny Bugs today!