Venice Pest Exterminator Offers Free Estimates for Local Quality Treatments

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When choosing a pest control exterminator in Venice Florida, please always get a free quote from Johnny Bugs, Inc. We are a full service pest elimination and prevention company specializing in cockroach, ant, and spider control. Our local family owned and operated business serves the surrounding three counties of Manatee, Sarasota, and Port Charlotte with pride. Our company can solve any pest problem fast!

Not all pest control companies are the same. Many will waste your time by sending a high-pressure salesman to sell you an annual contract without even proving they can do what they say. Many times you will then wait to hear from a technician to schedule an actual pest treatment. Johnny Bugs will never pressure you into buying a service you don’t want or need. We are capable of solving your pest problem when we first arrive and we always return your calls quickly.

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Johnny Bugs, Inc. – Because You Need Someone You Can Trust!

CALL NOW: (941) 405-3080 or visit our web site to learn more about our professional extermination services.