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The Most Venomous Spiders Lurking in the Sunshine State: Part I

The Most Venomous Spiders Lurking in the Sunshine State

As a family-owned business, we at Johnny Bugs, Inc. do what we do because we care about the safety of our homes, families, and pets. When our flea exterminators go to work in the Charlotte County area, we insist on using pet-friendly, odorless treatments, keeping toxins to an absolute minimum. Our philosophy is always to minimize danger for everyone; which is why we hunt down pests as aggressively as we do. Among the pests that we exterminate, the spiders of Florida may, in fact, be the most dangerous, and the most deserving of study.

Native Dangers

When our spider exterminators go to inspect homes in Sarasota County or the surrounding areas, we keep our eyes out for two types of spiders in particular: the infamous widow and the recluse. Though the recluse spider isn’t native to the sunshine state, it’s spread itself all over, establishing sizable populations. Whether you’re looking for the widow or the recluse, both of these species tend to be found in the least obvious of locations—and usually by the most unsuspecting of individuals.

Though we hunt and exterminate these spiders with a vengeance, we never underestimate the dangers involved. Wherever our hands go, lifting boxes, storage containers or firewood, we always wear our gloves and full protective suits. Clothing that hasn’t been worn in some time is often the ideal lair for one of these guys.

The Black Widow

A real femme fatale if there ever was one, the black widow can grow anywhere from 8 to 15 mm in length (about 5-6 times bigger than the males—hence the name). You almost always know these deadly beauties by their distinctive black, shiny bodies, marked with red stripes and symbols. The black widow is nocturnal by nature, preferring to move and build webs in the darkest hours of the night.

Most bites by the black widow occur when the spider finds herself trapped against the skin of a human or pet. You may not feel her bite immediately—as it usually takes one to three hours—but when you do, you’ll need to be administered an anti-venom to counteract all of the nausea and intense pain.

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